Greenwood Creek State Forest Test Run

Our first off site adventure (as in not sleeping in our driveway) was a great test run. We learned what works and what doesn’t. Also figuring out how to work with all five dogs in a tiny space. They all road nicely and slept great. Going on walks and stopping for gas needs a little work. The key is finding secluded places to camp as people are a big bark trigger that we need to slowly work them into. Pre cooked our dinner to make that process easier for dinner time and even had time for a TV show.

Greenwood Creek State Forest is worth even a day trip.

Figuring it all out


The nightly adventure of sleeping in the rv is going well. All five dogs are comfortable sleeping in their assigned areas with the exception of Odin. Odin isn’t adjusting as well as the others. He gets grumpy about his sleeping space and some nights he gives up and goes in the house. Hard to imagine him wanting to sleep alone on the couch but sometimes even Odin needs his space. Bear cat was out during the evening activities with just the littles. It is tight with five dogs and a cat especially when not everyone is on the same page about loving one another.

Today is the first morning we changed the large dogs bed back into a table. Enjoying coffee and morning computer activities. Four dogs in the camper. Cody is out on the porch chewing a bone which of course he won’t be able to do on the road.  And Bear cat decided to join us. A little organized chaos. Coffee time in the RV 🙂